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Choose the Best Type of Laminate Flooring When You Pick Tile From Voda Floors!

You know what you want. You have a certain look in mind for your renovation project, right down to the marble flooring. But you also have people who will be standing and walking and dropping things on this floor … and a budget. So how do you get the look you want with a comfortable, durable floor that won’t break the bank? You go to Voda Floors and shop for laminate tile, of course. 

Here are some of the reasons to choose laminate tile from us:

  • Saves money
  • Simple installation
  • Wide range of aesthetics

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Gaia White Series - Voda Flooring

Explore the Beauty of Laminate Tiles with Voda

Laminate tile flooring offers the look of natural stone, porcelain, and ceramic tiles with all the versatile patterns and colors, but is more comfortable to stand on for long periods of time and more resistant to wear and damage. As the name suggests, this type of flooring comes in tiles, which helps it imitate the look of stone. But these tiles are easy to install with a snap-and-lock system and a very attractive price tag. There are wood patterns available in laminate tile if you prefer, but those are usually sold as planks, to reproduce the look of real hardwood. If you want to know more, contact Voda Floors or shop online today to find the best laminate floors.

The Advantages of Laminate Tile Flooring

There are many reasons to choose laminate tile floors. These are some of the advantages of this type of laminate flooring.

Cut the Costs

Laminate tiles look similar to ceramic and stone tiles, but are much more affordable. Homeowners and business owners can upgrade a space within their budget and still get the look of high-end tiles.

Ease of Installation

One of the main benefits of laminate tiles is the glueless click-and-lock installation system. Installing this type of flooring is easy, which reduces duration and labor costs.


Ceramic and stone tiles can be cold. Laminate flooring is warmer and more comfortable, which is preferable in spaces like bedrooms and kitchens, or business areas where clients and staff may be standing for long periods.

Moisture Resistance

Many laminate tiles are offered with moisture-resistant properties, making them suitable for use in areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms, where some other kinds of flooring may not be recommended.

Unique Looks

There are many varieties of colors, designs, and textures, allowing clients to choose the tile pattern and finish they really want. Whether you prefer modern or rustic, you don’t have to sacrifice your dream aesthetic for comfort or budget.

Hardwood floors are durable, timeless and fit various styles and preferences. From the day you order your flooring to installation day, Voda Floors is here for you. We are your guide to finding the best hardwood flooring on the market. Are you ready to experience the benefits of hardwood floors? Shop with us online today!

Laminate Tile Flooring Installation Process

A primary advantage of laminate flooring is that the installation process is simple and does not take long. Instead of waiting for grout to dry, you can be enjoying your new laminate floors in no time. Here’s how the experts at Voda Floors do it.

The first step is ensuring the subfloor is clean, level, and dry before laying an underlayment to provide extra support and sound insulation. Then the installer will begin in one corner of the room and work their way across. The tiles feature a click-and-lock (or glueless) installation system, allowing them to connect securely without needing adhesives or nails. The technician then staggers the joints to create a natural look and uses a saw to cut planks as needed to fit at the edges or around obstacles. Unlike traditional tile installation, laminate tiles don't require grout, simplifying the process. The last step is installing transition moldings and baseboards to cover expansion gaps and achieve a polished look. The result is a durable and visually appealing floor with the appearance of real tiles, all accomplished with ease and efficiency.

Laminate tiles are affordable, durable, easy to install, offer various design options, and resist moisture damage. That makes it one of the best flooring options around. Did you purchase laminate tiles from Voda Floors but need help figuring out where to start? Our Seattle flooring experts understand laminate floors and provide laminate flooring installation services. If you're looking for the best laminate floors, call or shop with us online to learn more about laminate tiles.

Laminate Tile Flooring Seattle FAQs